Slow Runners Come Out Ahead

COSIC's healthcare professionals frequently treat patients with running injuries, and we are often asked if you "can run too much"?  An interesting study is cited in this article, and the anwser may surprise you. 

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The Health Risks of Shoveling Snow

Every winter our clinicians rehabilitate injuries related to shovelling snow.  Most commonly these injuries are related to people's low backs and shoulders, but can also be related to their cardiovascular health.  This article offers some helpful tips to avoid shovelling injuries

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Six Reasons You Were Right To Hate Crunches

Strong abdominal muscles are important to proper functioning of your low back and pelvis, but this article discusses why one of the most popular exercises performed by fitness enthusiasts might have some negative impact on our back health.

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Physiotherapy Can Speed Up Concussion Recovery

COSIC provides Northumberland residents with a multifaceted concussion recovery program.  Every concussion is unique, requiring different interventions and healthcare professionals in different doses.  COSIC clinicians utilize computer programs to evaluate patient's cognitive function and reaction time, as well as objective balance measures, a neck evaluation, and a neurological exam to determine concussion severity, baseline abilities, and return to activity guidelines. . . .

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